Full speed, no mistakes!

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olavjohannesdeelstra_WCOfestivalen_chase_2009Naplno, ale bez chyby. Taková bude taktika na letošním MČR v nočním OB. Protože jsme si myšlenku hromadného startu vypůjčili z Norska, obrátili jsme se s rozhovorem na elitní norské orienťáky, kteří běhají za norský klub NTNUI Trondheim.   Tímto klubem s bohatou historií a velkou tradicí prošli mnohé hvězdy severského OB, například Carl Waaler Kaas, Marianne Andersen, Marianne a Birthe Riddervold, Håvard Tveite a Emil Wingsted, který zde dokonce “vynalezl“ svou tréninkovou metodu. My vám přinášíme rozhovor s Olavem Johannesem Deelstrou, který na loňském Mistrovství Norska v nočním OB dokázal běžet většinu trati v čele s vítězem tohoto závodu a později mistrem světa na klasické trati Olavem Lundanesem. Druhým dotazovaným je Espen Jakobsen, který na loňské Jukole dokázal vyhrát nejnáročnější noční úsek. Oba jsou tedy výborní noční běžci a my jsme si dovolili jim položit pár krátkých otázek.



Olav Johannes Deelstra

Can you describe your last norwegian night-o championship for us?
I got a very good start of my race, and was early among the leaders of the race. Because my night orienteering skills is a bit up and down in performance, my tactics was to use the other runners as extra security and not do anything stupid on my own. Lucky as I was, I had the same forking as Olav Lundanes. He ran extremely well, and soon he had pulled me into a quite big gap down to the other runners. I gave it everything I got, and I think the gap from me and Lundanes down to the 3rd position runner was almost up to 3 minutes. Unfortunately for me, towards the end of the race, I had no more power left in my legs. Totally exhausted, a big group caught me from behind and in the finish my position was 14th. Very disappointing considering I was on a clear silver possition during the race. Anyways a very nice experience for me, and next year I will fight all the way for a medal!

Would you prefer individual start at norwegian night-o championship or are you satisfied with mass start?
I prefer a mass start, because I’m not the best night-orienteer and I’m a quite strong runner. So for me a mass start is the best to achieve a good result. And therefore I also think it’s more fun. But for many people night orienteering is all about the “orienteering”, and with a mass start makes it a totally different event. You can be lucky to get in the “right” group, with the “right” forking, and then achieve a better result than you would have done on your own. And that’s maybe not how it should be.

Do you use different o-techniques in night-o then during a day competition?
Definitely. During night orienteering I have to be much more accurate in everything I do. Check the compass all the time, and have a good plan for where I’m going or where I am all the time, so that I won’t get lost. It’s a lot of fun, and you have to be a very good orienteer to master night orienteering on a top level.

Which headlamp do you use and how are you satisfied with it?
I use Lupine Tesla. I am quite satisfied with it, but I think the spreading of the light could be a bit better. But a good lamp, that I would recommend to other.

Espen Jakobsen

Can you describe your Jukola leg for us?
Before the race I went on a precamp to train in some similar terrain as the Jukola terrain. We did one night training and I thought it was one of the most difficult night-o trainings I have ever run. I did alot of mistakes, it was really difficult so I was concerned about how it should go at Jukola. But I actually I think that I relaxed and just focused on the orienteering because I expected the competition terrain to be really difficult. At Jukola 2010 I ran the second leg on the second team of NTNUI. I went out 5 minutes behind the leading team so the starting position was pretty good. I started out with a lot of people around me but I managed to keep focus on my own race and take my own route choices. This was really important as there was a lot of mistakes beeing done in the start of course. I got into a good rhytm in the orienteering and I used the runners around me to keep the speed up on the legs and I read the map carefully all the time. After one third of the course I catched up with Halden SK 2, I knew that he ran out just some seconds behind the leader so I assumed he had done some mistakes. But he ran good so I ran after him and controlled the orienteering. This went well and I got control after control without any major mistakes. Did some ten seconds mistake, three times, but overall the orienteering was really good. After two third of the course I catched up with Halden SK 1, Vajakosken Tera and IFK Göteborg and some others. Then I understood that I was in the leading group. I knew I had done a really good technically race but I was unsecure about the speed, as I normally can't run as fast as the best guys. But this time it was a different story. So from there and to the finish I ran with some 10 other teams and tried to keep the focus on the orieentering, but I think the other ones where stressing a too much and didn't run so good. So after a couple of controls I was among the three-four best and when we punched the second last controls some twenty photographers took pictures off us and then I really understood that I was in the lead. Then it was just too run as fast as possible too the last control, and give everything too the finish with a really good feeling inside my body. Inexpressible. In my opinion Jukola is definetly always among the top three competitions I run every year. Always good courses and great competition center.
After I finished, I was really satisified, off course and I went to the sauna and took a beer.

Do you use different o-techniques in night-o then during a day competition?
"Full speed, no mistakes". In the night I use the compass even more than in the day.

Which headlamp do you use and how are you satisfied with it?
I use the Mila Nova headlamp and it works good for me. It is one of the best lamps on the market and it’s good to know that you have the best equipment. When I am running a relay for example, at least I dont have to worry whether I have good enough equipment.

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